Class KioEMVResult

This object provides the result of the last corresponding KioEMVDevice method call. The availability and meaning of some of the members of this class will vary depending on which EMV integration is used.


Name Description
TransType EMVTransactionDeviceCmds
The transaction operation type that this result applies to.
Result ResultTypes
The disposition of the result, usually Approved/Declined for transactions and Approved/Error for other operations.
Amount string
The amount, in minor currency units (cents, for example) that this transaction was approved for.
Tax string
The amount of tax in minor currency units (cents, for example).
ReferenceID string
The transaction ID that this result applies to.
AuthorizationCode string
The authorization code returned by the processor for the transaction.
Errors string
If errors occurred, the text for those errors.
ErrorCode string
If erorrs occurred, and a numeric error code was present, the error code.
ExpiryDate string
The expiry date of the card used for the transaction.
PrimaryAccountNumber string
A partial or masked version of the card number used for the transaction.
CardHashToken string
The card hash token for running future transactions with this card.
AcqRefData string
The acquirer reference data, sometimes needed for running a refund operation.
ProcessData string
The processor data, sometimes needed for running a refund operation.
ReceiptData ReceiptLineItem[]
A collection of lines of receipt data that can be used to generate a printed receipt.
CardReference string
Card reference information, sometimes needed for a refund operation.
RawData Dictionary
The raw data received by KioWare from the EMV integration. Useful for debugging purposes.
CardType string
The type of card used for the transaction (Mastercard, Visa, etc).


KioWare for Windows version 8.24 or greater.