Enum EMVTransactionDeviceCmds

A list of operation types available within the KioWare EMV Framework.


Name Description
0 None. No command specified.
1 SetParameters. Used to initialize a device for the first time.
2 Payment. A PreAuth Transaction.
3 Confirm. A PreAuth Capture.
4 Terminate. Cancel the current operation.
5 VoidTrans. Void the last Preauth Transaction instead of confirming it.
6 Refund. A refund transaction, sometimes not tied to a sale at all.
7 SetIdleMsg. Change the message that displays when the terminal is not running a transaction.
8 Sale. A one-step sale transaction, no confirmation required.
9 VoidSale. Void a recent sale transaction while still in batch.
10 Reset. Request the device to reset itself, usually clearing the screen.
11 RequestTMSUpdate. Request a TMS update immediately.
12 TransactionInquiry. Returns the state of a previous transaction.


KioWare for Windows version 8.24 or greater.