KioCurrencyRecycler Class


Type Signature
int Reset(string, string)
Performs a device reset, but only administrators should do this.
int BeginTransaction(long, string, string, string)
Puts the device into a mode where it is waiting for the specified amount of money to be received. When reached, the device attempts to dispense the necessary change, if applicable.
int CancelTransaction(string, string)
Stops an active transaction and attempts to return all money received.
int BeginAccept(string, string, string)
Puts the device into a mode where it will accept money until an error occurs or EndAccept is called.
int EndAccept(string, string)
Stops an active BeginAccept operation, bringing it to completion.

Related Types

Type Signature
Class CurrencyItem
Contains information related to a money operation.

Page Callbacks

Type Signature
Callback OnKioDeviceCmdResult(string, int, int, int, Class)
The command result callback function.
Callback OnGloryStateChange(int, string)
Called when the device indicates a change in the internal state.
Callback OnGloryMessage(int, string, string)
Called when the device has an informational message to deliver.