int BeginTransaction(long, string, string, string)


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


Name Description
targetAmt int
The target amount that the device will attempt to reach; be it by accepting, dispensing, or both. This value consists of whole and fractional amounts; in the USA, this is dollars and cents. The whole amount is multiplied by 100, and the fractional added to it. For instance, if your target amount is 35.23, pass in 3523 (35*100 + 23).
currencyType (Optional) string
Optional currency type required for this operation. Default: null.
callbackName (Optional) string
The JavaScript function to call when the operation is finished, whether successful or not. If null or ommitted, OnKioDeviceCmdResult will be called. Default: null.
deviceName (Optional) string
The name of the device, as specified in the Config Tool. Default: null.


A positive, incrementing number, or 0 upon failure.


WARNING: We chose to use integers instead of floating-point types because floating-points, even double, will result in incorrect fractional numbers when there is also a whole number involved.