KioTouch Class

KioTouch™ allows the end-user to control a self-service kiosk using their own personal mobile device. The user scans a QR code, generated on the screen of the kiosk, which then opens a trackpad-style mouse interface on their device that can be used to send commands to the kiosk. Scrolling, swiping, and clicking gestures allow the user to interact with the kiosk as they normally would, but do not require the user to physically touch it. KioTouch™ also allows users to input specific information into custom fields using the keyboard on their mobile device, safely and securely. With the KioTouch™ JavaScript API, custom pages can be developed to start and end KioTouch™ sessions.


Type Signature
void createSession()
Starts a new KioTouch session.
void endSession()
Ends a KioTouch session.
SessionInfo getSessionInfo()
Gets SessionInfo for the current KioTouch session.

Related Types

Type Signature
Class SessionInfo
Session information.
Class SessionCredentials
Session authentication information.

Page Callbacks

Type Signature
Callback onKTSessionCreated(SessionInfo)
Called when a KioTouch session is created.
Callback onKTSessionEnded()
Called when a KioTouch session is finished.
Callback onKTClientConnected()
Called when someone authenticates with KioTouch.
Callback onKTClientDisconnected()
Called when a KioTouch client disconnects.