KioDigitalPersonaFingerprint Class

Class for the control of a DigitalPersona fingerprint device.


Type Signature
bool scan(int fmdType = 1769473)
Start a fingerprint scan.
int compareFMD(string fmd1, string fmd2)
Compares two FMDs and returns the amount different.
int setBatch(string[] fmds, string dataVersion, int maxDifference, int maxRecordsReturned = 10)
Stores an array of FMDs for subsequent batch comparison.
int compareBatch(string fmd, string callbackName = null)
Do a batch compare operation.
BatchInfo getBatchInfo()
Gets information about the FMD batch stored by setBatch.

Page Callbacks

Type Signature
Callback OnDeviceData(devName, data)
The scan result callback function.
Callback OnKioDeviceCmdResult(devName, id, cmd, err, data)
Called in response to a command.

Related Types

Type Signature
Class ScanResult
Provides information related to a completed scanning operation.
Class BatchInfo
Provides information about a stored FMD batch.
Class BatchResultFmd
The result of a compareBatch operation, per item matched.