bool CancelTransaction(string)

Attempts to cancel an in-progress transaction, and returns the result via the OnKioEMVTransactionCompleted callback. For Shift4 devices, this will also effectively reset the device


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


Name Description
input string
Serialized JSON string with the following parameters from the EMVRequestInput class: (optional) DeviceName.


True if the command was queued for processing, false otherwise.


This call attempts to cancel an in-progress EMV transaction, regardless of what step the user is at. It is possible that the user will have progressed far enough that the transaction cannot be cancelled by this call. NETePay note: You must have dsiEMVUS 1.19 and greater and must have KioWare 8.14 or greater installed in order to use this method.


var input = {
  "DeviceName": "MyDevice"
if (!KioEMVDevice.CancelTransaction(input))
   alert('Failed to call CancelTransaction!');

// callback fired when operation processed
function OnKioEMVTransactionCompleted(result) {
   alert('Operation returned: ' + lastTransResult.Result);


KioWare for Windows version 8.24 or greater.