Class EMVRequestInput

This class contains a collection of all possible arguments needed to initiate an EMV transaction with any integration supported by KioWare.


Name Description
DeviceName string
The device name from the KioWare Config Tool. If not supplied, the first matching configured device of this type will be used.
PaymentAmount uint
The amount, in minor currency units (cents, for example) that this transaction was approved for.
TaxAmount uint
The amount of tax in minor currency units (cents, for example).
TransactionRef string
The transaction ID that this result applies to.
CardToken string
The card hash token for running future transactions with this card.
AuthCode string
The authorization code returned by the processor for the transaction.
AcqRefData string
The acquirer reference data, sometimes needed for running a refund operation.
ProcessData string
The processor data, sometimes needed for running a refund operation.
ProductDescriptors ProductDescriptor[]
The array of descriptors for the products exchanged in this transaction.


KioWare for Windows version 8.24 or greater.