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Tourist Information Kiosk

Hospitality Kiosks and Helpful Hardware Peripherals

Tourist Information Kiosk

Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, trying to make sure you hit all of the hot spots in a new town can be daunting. Perhaps you want to see all of the local attractions or perhaps you want to relax at a 5-star restaurant, finding where to go and how to get there is not always easy. It was this simple problem that created a multitude of comprehensive solutions within eConcierge, which involve supplementary peripherals that allow guests to call local attractions for reservations and print coupons or tickets.

Defined as technology that assists guests in the hospitality industry, eConcierge kiosks can display everything from guest check-in or check-out to local tourist attraction information. Integrating supplementary hardware functionality into an eConcierge project adds benefits that can increase your ROI. For example, an eConcierge kiosk that allows visitors to look up information on local attractions is nearly ideal; it is available 24/7 and can contain more information than a typical receptionist may know. By adding peripherals, such as a VOIP phone, it not only allows the user to research the attraction, it also allows them to place a call for a reservation. While looking at the attraction’s information page onscreen, users can simply touch a button to place a call. The kiosk’s software application then begins the call while a dialogue prompts the user to pick up the attached headset. The two parties are then connected, and the user is free to complete their call.

This type of peripheral is extremely important for increasing customer service and satisfaction. Since the kiosk’s purpose is clearly visible via the physical headset attached to the kiosk, the kiosk will likely have increased usage. Integrating an advertisement on the kiosk that explains who the user has the ability to call can further increase this usage. This explanation could be displayed during kiosk idle time to attract additional users. Kiosk abandonment is also likely to be decreased, as the user is able to start and finish their task at the kiosk.

The integration of peripherals does not have to stop there. A card reader can be incorporated for hotel check-in/check-out; once the card is swiped, guests can upgrade a room, change the smoking preference, or add names to the room. Also, various printers can be configured to print out key cards, or even tickets and coupons to local attractions.

The key to success in any eConcierge project is the seamless integration of the technology. Kiosk system software, like KioWare Kiosk Basic Software,gives kiosk managers the ability to easily configure the additional hardware. Additionally, the kiosk signage, whether digital or static, needs to clearly convey the purpose of the kiosk and peripheral. For example, if the kiosk displays an advertisement for a discount at a local attraction, then the user can deduce that the kiosk will print the advertisement’s coupon. The eConcierge kiosk will only be successful in assisting guests discover the town when all of this information is clearly conveyed.

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