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Order Up! Food Vending Kiosks Trending

As technology develops, our willingness to try and adopt new foods increases – even if the food comes from a kiosk.

Order Up! Food Vending Kiosks Trending


As technology develops, our willingness to try and adopt new foods increases – even if the food comes from a kiosk. We are seeing an increase in the vending of ready-to-eat food in North America, which has been prevalent in Asian markets for several years.

What businesses are involved? 
Several businesses have already achieved success in the United States including Farmer's Fridge, Yokai Noodle Kiosk, Just Baked, Wow Bao, Little Caesar's Pizza Portal, and Just Pizza.

Some have opted for a less demanding cold solution, like Farmer's Fridge. Others, like Little Caesar's Pizza Portal, focus on a delivery kiosk for freshly made pizzas.

In the 1970s and 1980s, many saw the general adaptation of cold vending machines dispensing food products, which could then be manually transferred from the package to a communal microwave for heating. Burritos were prime candidates for getting this done, as the tortilla maintained its structural integrity in the microwave more efficiently than an item with more bread. 

Just Baked seems to have taken the biggest step outside of these old perceived boundaries by offering more traditional meal offerings, like sandwiches and pizza, provided by Sysco, US Foods, and PF&G providers to restaurants that are easily prepared by microwave. As long as the meal offered is high in protein content and low on bread, the presentation of the food is being heralded as very enjoyable. 

KioWare & Food Vending Kiosks
KioWare may not have the ability to heat your food with the touch of a button, but we can surely be the solution for a self-service device which does so. KioWare locks down your device by turning your tablet into a kiosk or purposed device for self-service and gives you the tools to manage your device while on-the-go. In the busy restaurant environment, this hands-off, customizable option has never been more warranted.  

KioWare for Android and KioWare for Windows are available for download and offer a fully functional demo without the need to buy a license. KioWare can also offer a free temporary trial license for 30-60 days if necessary. Try it today at no risk to determine if KioWare is the right fit for your self-service kiosk network. 

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