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About KioWare

Trust. Security. Service.

We strongly believe that our success in the marketplace is due to our high commitment to customer service, which means many things to us. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and turning their product requests into new features. Our efforts will always focus on improving the product and providing excellent customer care.

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Our Team Mugshots

James Kruper

Plane Mug

Title: President

What I actually do: Business Development, Staff Arbitrator, Staff Luddite, Office Trash Cans to the Curb Guy. Generally, my job is to provide direction when necessary, but otherwise stay out of the way of our very talented staff.

When something bad happens to me, I’d much rather find a way to laugh about it, rather than cry about it. Unfortunately, I also naturally want to do that when something bad happens to others which may not go over well.

Education: Went to college too long ago to be relevant, but I am more recently a Commercial rated pilot – am I perhaps in the wrong job?

Gina Kruper

Gigi Mug

Title: GM

What I actually do: Wearer of many hats including Finance, Purchasing, HR, CAD Instructor, Landlord, Event Coordinator.

I volunteer for the YMCA of York and York County (Corporate Board of Directors, Executive Committee Secretary, Chair of Financial Development Committee), volunteer and organizer of Paula G Hamberger Memorial Fund (in honor of my mom to raise money for local non-profits). I love dogs (Golden retrievers in particular), cats, baking, cycling, dancing with my husband, hanging out with friends and my kids.

Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Manufacturing Management

Andrew Warnick

One Good Woman Mug

Title: Software Developer

What I actually do: Software Engineer, Support Technician, Technical Documentation, Fashion Policeman.

I once had a pair of red Crocs, but my wife threw them away. The entire world wept that day…

Education: Computer Systems Specialist Degree

Rathana Pim

Handmade Mug

Title: Software Developer

What I actually do: Copy and paste codes.

I like to grow plants, make ceramic pottery, and watch anime.

Education: BS in Computer Science, Minor in Math, York College of Pennsylvania

Brandon Campbell

Moscow Mule Mug

Title: Front End Developer

What I actually do: Website Developer, Designer, Teacher of New Technologies, Technical SEO Guide, & Photographer.

In my free time I love to longboard, play bass guitar, drink lots of tea, do spray paint art, & play games. I also participate in the Extra Life charity event every year.

Education: BS in Interactive Media, Harrisburg University

Christina Hamberger Sawmiller

Colorful Mug

Title: Director of Sales & Customer Service

What I actually do: Customer Service Fanatic, Customer and Partner Advocate, Filer of Files, Phone Voice, Hurdler of Objects to get to the Phone, Professional multi-tasker.

In her spare time, Christina – Who are we kidding, Christina doesn’t have any spare time. She is a taxi driver, sports event attendee, laundry attendant, grocery shopper, and doer of all things needed.

Education: School of Hard Knocks

Bryan Bosley

Penguins Mug

Title: Director of Technology

What I actually do: Android and Windows software developer, project manager, product manager, company IT infrastructure manager.

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering

Amy Brancato

There's a Change This is Wine Mug

Title: Creative Director

What I actually do: Develop & maintain all of the components of Also, some fun stuff, like designing ads, developing, and tradeshow marketing collateral.

Amy is a NY native/PA transplant. She is obsessed with the color green, and her goal is to visit every U.S. National Park. In her free time, she can be found snuggling her dog Mischa or getting artsy in her craft room.

Education: BA in Graphic Design, York College of Pennsylvania

Melanee Apol

'M' Mug

Title: Accounting Admin

What I actually do: “An accountant. According to the word, it must be a cross between a counter and a mutant and that may be precisely what we need.”

I love being outside in the sun, whether that be on the lake paddleboarding or exploring a new town in search of a great coffee shop. I love fitness and working out, particularly weightlifting. During the winter, I do my best marathon training…on Netflix.

Education: BBA in Accounting at The University of Georgia

Lynn Crumbling

Toilette Mug

Title: Sr. Programmer & Custom Development Project Manager

What I actually do: Device guy, Database guy, Customer Interface guy, I “take the specifications from the customer and bring them down to the software engineers”.

NPR junkie. Coffee Fanatic. Started using Linux before it was cool. Had a salt water reef tank once upon a time...

Education: BS in Computer Science

José Sánchez

Puerto Rico Mug

Title: Front End Developer

What I actually do: App interfaces that work with a variety of devices.

Some of the things I enjoy in my free time are indie disco music, stand-up comedy, Netflix, and podcasts.

Education: BS in Graphic Arts, Atlantic College of Puerto Rico

Zachary Routson

Industrial Mug

Title: Sales and Client Services

What I actually do: Answerer of phones, Facilitator of KioCloud, asker of questions, seeker of answers.

In my free time, I enjoy all things outdoors- particularly hiking and backpacking with my trusty canine sidekick, Bella. My life goals are to visit as many World Heritage sites as possible and put my feet on all 7 continents.

Education: BS in Biology, Minor in Spanish, York College of Pennsylvania

Shannon Aldinger

Plant Mug

Title: Systems Analyst

What I actually do: Nationwide Coordinator of Information Technology Services, Chief Systems Administrator, Global Coordinator of Product Support, & Nationwide Internal Support Technician.

Works on 4x4 SUVs, chainmail, 3D prototyping, and electronics projects in off-hours time.

Education: 2 years of Computer Science at Penn State University, final 2 years of Computer Science at Millersville University

Chris Fravel

Auroch Cup

Title: Marketing Specialist

What I actually do: I’m the Google Ads stylin', social media profilin', search engine optimizin’, content slingin’, trade show organizin’, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun! I’m also a Ric Flair impersonator on the weekends (I kid, I kid). I’m the Marketing Specialist for KioWare, so my job is to make sure everyone knows who we are and why they should do business with us!

When I’m not orchestrating the marketing mix for KioWare, you can find me at the gym pumping iron; playing basketball, tennis, or golf; moshing at a heavy metal concert; and hanging out with my girlfriend, friends, and family.

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Communication – Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania – Class of 2014

Tonia Grubb

Music Mug

Title: Technical Writer

What I actually do: Creator/Editor of Product User Guides, As-needed website/product QA, As-needed QA for marketing/corporate documents.

Singing at veterans/patriotic and community/fundraising events, leisure songwriting, playing a little piano/clarinet, collecting original sheet music, watching classic films.

Education: BS/minor in writing communications, Juniata College

Haley Garrison

Dory Mug

Title: Product Manager

What I actually do: Practicer of Android Wizardry, Fixer of Bugs.

In her free time Haley enjoys long walks with her dog, Elmo, creating watercolor/pastel art, working on the occasional software/electronics project, and learning new things. She also grew up riding horses and may someday return to it.

Education: B.S. Elect. & Comp. Engineering/A.B. Int’l Studies (Lafayette College), 1.5 years Grad School (Georgia Tech)

Ben Sentz

Coffee Mug

Title: Software Developer

What I actually do: Debug and develop for KioWare for Windows. Daily tasks involve fixing various bugs in the config tool, copy-pasting, and banging my head on the table when I can’t figure out why my code isn’t working.

I love to play sports and work out. In my free time I enjoy reading, programming, investing in stocks, and spending time with friends/family.

Education: BS in Computer Science York College of Pennsylvania

Chris Dierdorff

Arizona Mug

Title: Software Engineer

What I actually do: .NET software development and testing.

In my free time I like to read and jog.

Education: BS in Computer Science, Minor in Math, York College of Pennsylvania

Brady Baker

Tea Mug

Title: Technical Support Representative

What I actually do: Customer Support, Quality Assurance, Google Expert.

I have a dog named Mars, and a collection of succulents (mostly cacti). I love baseball (Go Pirates!), skateboarding, music, and videogames.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in CyberSecurity from Saint Francis University

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