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KioWare products are available for purchase via perpetual or subscription licensing. Annual maintenance and support is recommended for those purchasing perpetual licenses.

Single-user licensing

Single-user licensing is our most common form of licensing; if you don't know what license type you need, chances are it is single-user licensing. This type of license is generated from a specific PC’s system code and is unique to that PC, meaning it will only work for that computer. If you replace the hardware and would like to transition the license to the new machine, you can request a license reset after logging onto your user account.

One-time license purchase KioWare products such as KioWare for Windows and KioWare for Android are available as a one-time, perpetual license purchase. This means that the license is valid for the version of KioWare you have purchased for as long as KioWare is available. To keep this license current and use it on the latest version of KioWare available, you will also want to purchase optional, annual, support and maintenance.

Subscription license KioWare products such as KioCloud, KioWare for Chrome OS, and KioCall are available as subscription licenses. These licenses are valid for the most recent version of KioWare available, and is renewed annually. When a subscription expires, the license becomes invalid and the device becomes unlicensed. Annual support and maintenance are included with subscription licenses.

Time Limited

Time Limited licensing is used when KioWare will only be used on that computer temporarily and you know the exact dates of use (for example: a tradeshow). After the expiration date, KioWare will no longer run on the computer and can be installed on a different computer. This allows you to reuse the license on a new computer without the license being tied to the original computer. You are able to set this license type within the licensing section of the KioWare configuration tool.

KioWare License Server

KioWare License Server is an option for all customers to manage their KioWare licenses online. Capabilities of license server include the ability to manage active leases (where a lease is the assignment of a license to a particular kiosk/hardware device), determine which kiosks hold active leases, identify KioWare products being utilized on each kiosk, and review lease activity history. Also included is the ability to ban individual devices. To obtain access to KioWare License Server, contact KioWare at 877.843.4790 or 717.843.4790. A current, up to date, support contract is required. Read more about license server here.

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