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Annual Support & Maintenance

Annual Support & Maintenance applies to one-time, perpetual licenses. Annual subscription licenses (recurring) include the benefits of support and maintenance with their pricing model.


What does annual maintenance & support include?

Support is an annual fee (20% of your license cost), which includes technical support as well as the ability to upgrade to the newest version throughout the year. Technical support consists of phone and email support and is also available through our user forums and educational resources (KioWare University) in the form of videos, case studies, articles, and how-tos.


What happens if I don’t purchase support?

Support is optional, but at some point you will want or need to update the software. In order to do so, your support will need to be paid up to the current date and time. This means that if support has not been purchased and renewed every year, you will need to pay back those years. The reason for this is that our research and development team works tirelessly all year every year in order to keep KioWare up to date. Once you update the software, you are able to access all of these updates, whether or not your support had been current at the time the update was released. We charge support and maintenance as an annual fee so that you can budget annually for the cost of the updates as well as technical support, and receive those services whenever you need them.


How do I renew my annual maintenance & support every year?

An email reminder will be sent to the email address of the person that originally purchased the software, every year on the support anniversary date (the date of your first purchase). The email will contain a link to review your pricing and transactions, and to purchase your support renewal. If you do not receive an email reminder, please contact our Sales Staff. If you purchase more than once, all additional transactions will be prorated back to the date of first purchase. This way, no matter how many transactions you have, you will only be charged a single support renewal fee once a year.


How much does Support cost?

Support is an annual charge that is typically 20% of your total perpetual license cost. A quantity discount may be applied based on the total number of licenses in the account. Support is prorated to give all transactions the same renewal date as your first purchase. Support is optional but must be kept current or paid retroactively in order to benefit.

Benefits of Support

  1. Users with current support can upgrade to the latest version of the KioWare product owned.
  2. KioWare technicians will conduct an audit of your security settings, assist with configuration concerns, and advise on best practices for any users with current support.
  3. Access to License Server is available to anyone with current support, providing a simple way to effectively and efficiently manage deployed kiosk licenses.
  1. Prioritized response when resources are being heavily taxed.
  2. Current support allows users to request a conversion from KioWare Classic for Windows to the new KioWare for Windows. Users with current support can also migrate their licenses from Lite to Basic or Full, paying only the difference in price, as long as support is current. Contact the KioWare Team for more information.


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Control your KioWare Licenses with KioWare License Server

Set yourself up for success by keeping complete control over your KioWare Licenses. With KioWare License Server, your team can reset licenses without contacting KioWare Support. Using License server, you no longer have even the smallest delay in resetting a license – there is no need to wait to speak with a KioWare representative in order to identify which kiosk license needs to be released and initiate a reset.

What is KioWare License Server?

License Server is browser based and hosted on your web server. With License Server, you can easily grant licensing permissions to multiple team members.

How does it work?

License Server allows you to keep track of your KioWare Licenses and view a list of when licenses and kiosks were activated. It maintains a record of license renewals and expirations, and allows you to view the license history.

The features of license server make it easy to have an up to the minute understanding of where your licenses are distributed and when those devices became active. License Server can be used to view active kiosks, to ban kiosks, to see last kiosk activity, and to set up kiosk licensing notifications via email or other preferred contact methods.

Yes, KioWare support is still here to help, but using License Server places the control over your organization’s licenses firmly into your hands for quick and responsive license management. Up to date support is required in order to use KioWare License Server. To obtain access to KioWare License Server, contact KioWare at 877.843.4790 or 717.843.4790.

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