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KioWare: Navigating Compliance and Accessibility

With the evolution of accessibility requirements over the past decades, KioWare has consistently adapted its software to meet these changing needs.

KioWare: Navigating Compliance and Accessibility


In a world where accessibility is gaining increasing attention, KioWare has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for kiosks. With the evolution of accessibility requirements over the past decades, KioWare has consistently adapted its software to meet these changing needs. 

ADA Compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into law in 1990, was a milestone in promoting civil rights for individuals with disabilities. KioWare recognizes the importance of ADA compliance, which initially focused on physical accessibility. We have consistently supported wheelchair access and ensured that its kiosk screens are user-friendly for individuals with mobility challenges.

Section 508 Compliance
As the landscape of accessibility evolves, KioWare has embraced the importance of Section 508 compliance. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act emphasizes digital accessibility for people with visual impairments. Recognizing this shift, KioWare has addressed the needs of individuals with visual deficiencies by developing features that enhance accessibility. 

KioWare partners with several champions of accessibility in the kiosk industry, including Storm Interface and Vispero. Storm Interface’s products are globally recognized, including assistive technology products such as the AudioNav, which enables users to navigate technology through audible direction. Vispero is the world’s largest technology provider for the visually impaired. Their products include JAWS for Kiosk, an award-winning screen reader software. Used together, Storm Interface and Vispero create an accessible kiosk solution for users who are blind or have low vision. KioWare is compatible with both respected products.

Innovative Solutions
One of KioWare's notable accessibility features is the addition of a toolbar at the bottom of the screen, with a dedicated handicapped button. This button, when activated, reveals a spacer at the top of the screen, pushing the content down to a reachable level. This simple and effective spacer can be customized with background color or graphics, seamlessly blending it with the content. Additionally, KioWare provides standard scroll buttons on the bottom toolbar, ensuring users can easily navigate the shortened content.

KioWare's dedication to accessibility is not limited to the initial session. When the user session ends, the software seamlessly switches back to full-screen mode, ready for the next user. This attention to detail ensures that individuals with disabilities have an uninterrupted and convenient user experience, upholding the principles of accessibility.

The Importance of ADA Compliance
ADA compliance is not only essential for promoting equal rights but is also a best practice for kiosk software providers. By prioritizing accessibility, KioWare helps kiosk manufacturers navigate the ever-changing compliance landscape. Additionally, by staying one step ahead of those looking to exploit non-compliance, KioWare protects kiosk providers from potential legal issues, making it a valuable project partner.

KioWare has consistently demonstrated its commitment to accessibility by evolving its software to meet changing requirements. By providing features that facilitate wheelchair access, as well as addressing Section 508 compliance for individuals with visual impairments, KioWare has become a leading kiosk software provider in the realm of accessibility solutions. As technology continues to advance, KioWare's dedication to accessibility puts them in a position of leadership, ensuring equal access for all individuals.

The journey to accessibility starts today. Contact us to learn how you can partner with KioWare to further this cause.

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