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Use Case

Protecting Our Schools: KioWare in the Educational Space

KioWare can provide the security necessary to keep our schools safe.

Protecting Our Schools: KioWare in the Educational Space


In today’s world, it can be quite scary for parents to send their children off to school. Kids not only face the threat of violence at a troubling rate, but going to school also increases their chances to be exposed to content that parents have the ability to block at home. KioWare understands that kids have to spend time in school. That’s why you should trust in us to provide the security necessary to keep them safe.

Knowing who is in the child’s school, where they’re going, and when they’re supposed to leave will take on a new level of accountability. By utilizing a check-in kiosk, schools can track who has been where, and in contact with whom, which will ease the minds of parents wanting to have control over who is interacting with their child during the school day. 

Also, funneling everyone who enters to a kiosk instead of to a single purpose gatekeeper will save thousands of dollars and hours of administration time. The self-service check-in process can require mandatory questioning and paperwork that are essential to have on hand to fully identify the visitor. Teachers, students, and frequent authorized visitors could have RFID access badges that assure quick access.

Check-in kiosks eliminate the potential for human error and can be available 24/7 if needed without the need for a break.

Educational self-service isn’t limited to stationary kiosks. KioWare can lockdown tablets that are checked out in the library so they’re not used for unauthorized websites and purposes. Tracking devices can make the tablet inoperable to discourage someone from taking it home with them.

Finally, kiosks don’t see or divulge sensitive information to unauthorized people they work with or know, which will protect the privacy of both staff and students. 

Alternative Uses 
There are many other applications for educational self-service tablets and kiosks, like:

  1. Order and charge for lunch.
  2. Pay fees and fines.
  3. Sell and/or take tickets for school plays and athletic events.
  4. Check-out library books.
  5. Allow students to check their assignments.
  6. Control access to unauthorized websites.

In conclusion, automating the collection of IDs at time of service is important to keeping the educational space safe. KioWare can help you build the software that makes these solutions happen. KioWare locks down your device by turning your tablet into a kiosk or purposed device for self-service, digital signage, or mobile device management deployments. 

KioWare for Android and KioWare for Windows are available for download and offer a fully functional demo without the need to buy a license. KioWare can also offer a free temporary trial license for 30-60 days if necessary. Try it today at no risk to determine if KioWare is the right fit for your self-service kiosk network. 

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