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KioWare in Banking: Maximize the Potential for Self-Service Devices in Financial Firms

Technology, such as self-service devices, has paved the way to make banking easier, more convenient, and safer.

KioWare in Banking: Maximize the Potential for Self-Service Devices in Financial Firms


Over the last 30 years, technology has paved the way to make banking easier, more convenient, and safer. Self-service devices and kiosks are an integral part of this improvement, giving customers the ability to manage their own financial portfolios any time of the day, and easier access to bankers and financial advisors. 

Along with increased autonomy and access, these remote banking options also address increasing security concerns from the public about their personal information. 

At KioWare, we are dedicated to developing kiosk system software that addresses the security and management needs of self-service networks without sacrificing quality for the end-users. A variety of features within KioWare make it the perfect solution for any financial institution including:

While KioWare is flexible enough to suit the self-service needs of almost any industry, there are applications that relate specifically to the needs of the banking and financial services industries.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
When thinking of the terms “self-service” and “bank”, an ATM is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. As time passes, the functions of ATMs around the world have become more advanced and robust. When these money dispensing machines became popularized in the 1980s, their sole purpose was to give bank customers access to their funds during off-hours and/or when they did not have enough time to walk into a branch and wait for a teller to help them.

Today, ATMs can serve multiple purposes when it comes to financial transactions. While their chief purpose remains an easy and convenient method for customers to withdraw money at any time, ATMs are also being utilized to process loan applications, manage investment portfolios, conduct cryptocurrency transactions, and more.

It is always crucial to ensure that ATMs are safe and secure for your customers to use, but as transactions processed by ATMs become more diverse and greater in number, it becomes more desirable for your technology administrators to be able to easily manage your network of kiosks. KioWare features such as single app mode, pop-up window control, keyboard filtering, desktop/OS lockdown, browser lockdown, software watchdog, and clearing private browser data are perfect for making ATMs of any variety safer on which to do business.

KioWare’s attract screen configuration and management abilities also give ATMs an advantage by adding the ability to integrate marketing and informational materials via custom attract screen content and images.

Staff Directories
While the world of banking is seeing an uptick in the demand for virtual and remote transaction processing, customers occasionally like the idea of being able to talk with an actual person as they explore the various avenues of their financial portfolios. As a result, banks and financial institutions are creating staff directory portals in office lobbies and foyers to allow customers quick and easy access to their bankers and loan officers.

These staff directories range from touchscreen monitors with photos of each member of the staff to smaller mounted devices with a list of names and departments from which they may explore. When combined with a video conferencing solution like KioCall, these directories may also be configured to allow customers to send live video chat requests with available bank representatives to ask questions or conduct business virtually or initiate contact for an in-person meeting. This is especially ideal for the bank because their representatives can provide services to their customers in multiple locations via video chat.

Much like ATMs, it is crucial to utilize KioWare’s many lockdown and security features to ensure the integrity of these directories. Implementing solutions such as KioCall allows for a personalized touch to the directory and solutions like KioTouch give customers peace-of-mind when it comes to their health and physical safety when interacting with a community self-service device.

Marketing Digital Displays
Marketing materials in financial institutions have been around almost as long as the institutions themselves. A key component to the operation of any financial institution is to help grow the customer’s portfolio by cross- and up-selling products. Marketing platforms, such as digital screens, are a great way to supplement the effort with passive messaging to customers.
Marketing displays can be used to advertise loan rates, interest rates on deposit accounts, remote banking services, cryptocurrency hosting, and more.  By including QR codes on the digital assets, it allows customers to capture and bookmark the information to reference at a later time. 

Since these marketing displays will promote products and information on behalf of the institution hosting them, it is also extremely important to keep them secure from outside tampering through a variety of security features offered through KioWare.

Try KioWare Today
KioWare is the perfect fit for financial institutions and is currently used by over 600 financial firms globally, who want to ensure security across their self-service device network without having to compromise or sacrifice quality customer experience. KioWare for Android, Windows, and Chrome OS are available for download and offer a fully functional demo without the need to buy a license. KioWare can also offer a free temporary trial license for 30-60 days if necessary. Try it at no risk to determine if KioWare is the right fit for your financial institution’s self-service kiosk network.

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