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Early Decision Making Article

Early Decision Making

Kiosk Software with KioWare

10 Reasons to Use KioWare Kiosk Software

Kiosk Software with KioWare

1.  Locks Down Your Device, Providing Security & Restricted User Access

KioWare restricts access to unauthorized websites, limits downloads and uploads, and restricts access to the device’s file system and your network, thereby preventing malicious and inadvertent damage to your device. 

2.  Protects User Privacy

KioWare protects user privacy by clearing the device cache and temporary files, and automatically resetting to your designated start page upon task completion, inactivity, or via specified actions.

3.  Controls User Activity

KioWare’s allowed and restricted access lists ensure that users access only those applications and websites that you have deemed acceptable, while safely restricting them from unsafe or unauthorized usage.

4.  Secures both Windows & Android

KioWare’s complete product suite is available for Windows and Android devices, supporting PCs and tablets on both touch screen and keyboard (virtual and hardware) devices. All versions are available to download at no cost as a fully-functioning demo.

5.  Enhances & Ensures Tablet Productivity

In an MDM or BYOD environment, KioWare restricts tablet devices to access only the applications and websites intended by the employer. KioWare also provides reports on activity and usage statistics for improved productivity. 

6.  Provides Customizable Content, Branding, and Graphics

With White Labeling options, the KioWare configuration tool allows you to remain consistent with your brand and messaging: KioWare provides options to customize the content, colors, icons, buttons, virtual keyboard, and tool bar.

7.  Scales for Easy Deployment from 1 to 1000 (or More) Devices

KioWare makes it simple to update your content and configuration settings quickly and across all devices at once.

8.  Easily Configured & Updated

Developers and non-developers alike find KioWare easy to use with online user guides, quick start set up, phone support, FAQs, and online forums.

9.  Provides Seamless User Experience

With ongoing dedication to your experience, KioWare developers utilize client feedback in identifying many new features to implement. By design, kiosk software is unobtrusive and most end users do not even realize it exists.

10.  Integrates with External Devices

KioWare can be integrated and deployed to perform many additional tasks when paired with payment processing systems and enhanced security devices.

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