bool Connect (string, string, string)

Connects to the network with the specified SSID (network name) on the specified interface with the specified key.


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


Name Description
ssid string
The ssid of the wireless network to connect to. This must match one of the items returned by Scan(), and is case-sensitive.
interfaceGUID string
The GUID of the interface to perform the connection on. This must match the GUID of one of the items returned by GetInterfaces().
key (Optional) string
The key for the the wireless network to connect to. Key is optional if the profile already exists.


True if the connection was successfully requested, false otherwise.


Attempts to connect using a saved profile, otherwise a new profile is created if none exists. This function is asynchronous, and will fire the OnConnectionRequestCompleted callback when the request has been completed.


// attempts a connection to ssid mywifi on the first interface.
var interfaces = KioWiFi.GetInterfaces();
if (interfaces.length == 0) {
    alert('No network interfaces were detected');
var networks = KioWiFi.Connect('mywifi', interfaces[0].guid, 'password');

function OnConnectionRequestCompleted(connChangedResult) {
    if (!connChangedResult.result)
       alert('Failed to connect');
       alert('Connected to ' + connChangedResult.ssid + ' on ' + connChangedResult.iface.interfaceName);


KioWare for Windows version 8.14 or greater.