KioPassportReader Class

Provides an interface to obtain passport information. At least two types of readers from Access are supported by this API. Some are passive devices that wait for the user to swipe or scan supported documents such as passports, identification cards and credit cards. Others require that a scan from JavaScript be performed to initiate a scan. Access has at least two different versions of their API dll for each corresponding device. Both API dlls are named Access_IS_MSR.dll, but only work for certain devices. In order to function correctly, please download the correct device-specific files from the Access website and paste the required dlls into the KioWare installation directory, which, by default, is located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\KioWare Client Platform


Type Signature
bool Scan(IlluminationType, string)
Initiates a passport scan.

Page Callbacks

Type Signature
Callback OnDeviceData(string, DeviceData)
The command result callback function.

Related Types

Type Signature
Class ImageData
Provides information related to the images of a scan.
Class UserIdData
Provides information related to user identification.
Class CardData
Provides information related to credit card data.
Class BarcodeData
Provides information related to barcode data.
Class SmartCardData
Provides information related to smart card data.
The illumination method for the scanner to employ while scanning.