KioTouchDevice Class

Provides a means of configuring user interfaces for certain touch screen devices such as the Tanvas Touch Display.

All functions require high scripting trust level, all are asynchronous (having a callback name parameter), and all return an incrementing id number. The id returned is passed into the callback function so that, if desired, you may match the callback to the initial call; however, on failure to queue the command, 0 is returned instead. The callbackName may be null, in which case, OnCmdResult will be the name.


Type Signature
int64 CreateViews(string, int[], string)
Creates touch surfaces for sprites to attach.
int64 AdjustViews(string, int[], string)
Moves and resizes existing views.
int64 CreateSpriteFromFile(string, string, string, string)
Creates a texture map from an image on the filesystem.
int64 MoveSprite(string, string, int, int, int, string)
Moves a sprite onto and around a view.
int64 DeleteSprite(string, string, string)
Deletes a sprite.
int64 DeleteAllSprites(string, string)
Deletes all sprites from all views.

Page Callbacks

Type Signature
Callback OnCmdResult(string devName, int64 cmdId, string cmdName, string err, string data)
The command result callback function.