enum NetworkConnectionType


Name Description
Offline = -1 No network connection of any kind established.
Unknown = 0 Potentially connected, but by what means and to what is unknown.
LAN = 1 A Local Area Network (LAN) is the most common type of network connection, and is usually established physically using Ethernet cables. It is called local because the network consists of devices in close proximity, usually in the same building.
WLAN = 2 Growing increasingly more common, a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is just like a LAN with one minor difference: Connections are established without cables; instead, wireless technology, such as WiFi, is the means through which devices connect to the network.
WWAN = 3 In contrast to a Local Area Network, this is a type of Wide Area Network, such as the Internet. A Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) is a Wide Area Network established with wireless technology. When a mobile phone connects to a cell tower, it is connected to a type of WWAN.
Modem = 4 Also called dial-up, this refers to a network connection which is established using a device that dials a telephone number.