void SetReadDebounceCnt (string, int)

Sets the number of attempts for the specified device.


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


Name Description
devName string
The name of the device in the Configuration Tool.
debounceCnt (Optional) int
The value of the new Read Debounce Count. A value of 0 will disable debouncing. Defaults to 1.


Debouncing happens after reading a byte to check if there are additional bytes to read. If not, then the device will attempt the specified number of reads at a one millisecond interval. The count is reset to 0 after each byte is read.

The Configuration Tool will allow the user to provide a name for the device and provide a description. This name will be used for all communication between KioWare and the device. It is mandatory to use the identical string when calling into this method.


//The name of the device will be user defined in the Configuration Tool.
var devName = "device";
	KioRawSerialDevice.SetReadDebounceCnt(devName, 5);


KioWare for Windows version 8.11 or greater.