bool Open(string, string, int, HandShake, bool, Parity, int, StopBits)

Opens a serial port for the specified device.


Name Description
devName string
The name of the device in the Configuration Tool.
portName (Optional) string
The port to open. This defaults to "COM1".
baudRate (Optional) int
The baud rate. This defaults to 9600.
handshake (Optional) HandShake
Specifies the control protocol used in establishing a serial port communication for a System.IO.Ports.SerialPort object. This defaults to Handshake.None.
rtsDtr (Optional) bool
Specifies whether the Data Terminal Ready and Request to Send signals are enabled. This defaults to false.
parity (Optional) Parity
Specifies the Parity bit. This defaults to Parity.None.
dataBits (Optional) int
Specifies the standard length of data bits per cycle. This defaults to 8.
stopBits (Optional) StopBits
Specifies the standard length of stop bits per cycle. This defaults to StopBits.One.


True if the port is successfully opened; False otherwise.


Information such as baud rate, hand shake, parity, and stop bits should match the device specifications.

The Configuration Tool will allow the user to provide a name for the device and provide a description. This name will be used for all communication between KioWare and the device. It is mandatory to use the identical string when calling into this method.


//The name of the device will be user defined in the Configuration Tool.
var devName = "rawserialdevice";
	if(!KioRawSerialDevice.Open(devName)) console.log(devName + " failed to open.");


KioWare for Windows version 8.11 or greater.