Class OmronHVCFaceDetection

An object containing detection results for an Omron HVC device.


Name Description
Detection OmronHVCDetection
The object detection properties.
Direction OmronHVCFaceDirection
The facial direction properties.
AgeEstimation OmronHVCAgeEstimation
The age estimation properties.
GenderEstimation OmronHVCGenderEstimation
The gender estimation properties.
GazeEstimation OmronHVCGazeEstimation
The direction of eye gaze estimation properties.
BlinkEstimation OmronHVCBlinkEstimation
The blink estimation properties.
ExpressionEstimation OmronHVCExpressionEstimation
The expression estimation properties.
FaceRecognition OmronHVCFaceRecognition
The face recognition properties.


KioWare for Windows version 8.16 or greater.