bool EnableAccelerationLog (bool, int, int, int, string)

This function can be used to start a new recording or stop a recording in progress while in acceleration logger mode.


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


Name Description
enable bool
True to begin logging, false to stop a log in progress.
frequency int
The interval at which the logger will record acceleration data.
startPage int
The memory page index where recording will begin.
endPage int
The maximum page index for recording data, after which recording will automatically stop.
devName (Optional) string
The name of the device. If not supplied, the first matching configured device of this type will be used


True if the values were set succesfully. False otherwise.



function enableAccelLog() {
	var enable = document.getElementById('enableAccel').checked;
	var freqEl = document.getElementById('frequency');
	var frequency = parseInt(freqEl.options[freqEl.selectedIndex].innerHTML);
	var startPage = parseInt(document.getElementById('startPage').value);
	var endPage = parseInt(document.getElementById('endPage').value);
	alert('Success: ' + KioOmronEnviroSensor.EnableAccelerationLog(enable, frequency, startPage, endPage));


KioWare for Windows version 8.16 or greater.