Class AccelHeader

The object provides acceleration information pertaining to calculated data or sensor data. It inherits the AccelStatus object.


Name Description
PageCount uint16
The current page count
VibrationCount uint32
The current detected vibration count
SIValue uint16
The current SI value.
PGA uint16
The current peak acceleration data
SeismicIntensity uint16
The current seismic intensity value.
Temperature double
The current temperature value
RelativeHumidity double
The current relative humidity data
AmbientLight int16
The current ambient light information
BarometricPressure double
The current barometric pressure information
SoundNoise double
The current sound or noise index information
eTVOC int16
The equivalent total volatile organic compound information
eCO2 int16
The equivalient carbon dioxide information
DiscomfortIndex double
The current discomfort index information
HeatStroke double
The current heat stroke index information


KioWare for Windows version 8.16 or greater.