int setBatch(string[] fmds, string dataVersion, int maxDifference, int maxRecordsReturned = 10)

Stores an array of FMDs for subsequent batch comparison.


Name Description
fmds string[]
The array of FMDs to store in memory.
dataVersion string
An informational version number for the stored data. This is for your use only. It is provided to give you an indication of when to store a new batch. Typically, you would update a version number or date changed in your database any time FMD data changes.
maxDifference int
The difference tolerance before being thrown out as a non-match.
maxRecordsReturned (Optional) int
Ideally, only one record would be returned, but if any fingerprints match too closely and need manual verification, you can do so based upon the number of matches returned. This defaults to 10, and is sorted by least different first.


The number of entries successfully parsed and added.


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


KioWare for Windows version 8.27 or greater.