int ReadCheck(string options = null, string callbackName = null, string devName = null)

Initiates a check reading operation.


Name Description
options (Optional) string
Optional, device specific option parameters for the operation.
callbackName (Optional) string
A JavaScript function name that you would like KioWare to call with the result. If not specified or null, OnKioDeviceCmdResult will be called.
devName (Optional) string
Target the device via the name from the Config Tool.


On success, an incrementing number; the purpose of which is to match a particular call to a callback response. Upon failure, 0.


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


After an attempt to send the command to the device, whether successful or not, KioWare will call OnKioDeviceCmdResult in every frame (that has the required trust level) of every browser.


	alert('Command failed!');

function OnKioDeviceCmdResult(devName, id, cmd, err, data)
	KioApp.LogDiag('OnKioDeviceCmdResult ('+devName+'): id:'+id+' cmd:'+cmd+' err:'+err+' data:'+JSON.stringify(data));


KioWare for Windows version 8.23 or greater.