int SetDockedElementsVisible(string, string, DockedElementTypeMask, KioBrowserType)

Controls the visibility of docked UI elements such as toolbars and docked browsers


Trust Level Required: High Trust


Name Description
visible (Optional) string
Matches to the current visibility setting of the UI element. If null, default visibility is restored. Defaults to null.
name (Optional) string
Matches to the name of the UI element. If null, no match by name is done. Defaults to null.
elTypeMask (Optional) DockedElementTypeMask
Specifies which element types can be affected. Defaults to all types.
wndTypeMask (Optional) KioBrowserType
Specifies which KioWare window types can be affected. Defaults to all types.


Returns the number of udpated UI Elements


The settings for each Ui element are found in the Configuration Tool's User Interface section. Select an element and check the name and visibility settigns in order to be able to call this method for a specific element.


//Hide the main toolbar even if the visibility is set to show in the Configuration Tool
var elVisibility = 'Never';
var elName = 'Main Toolbar'
KioApp.SetDockedElementsVisible(elVisibility, elName, DockedElementTypeMask.Toolbar, KioBrowserType.Toolbar);


KioWare for Windows version 8.5 or greater.