bool IsUrlBlocked (string, bool)

Checks the browsing ACL to determine whether a URL would be blocked


Trust Level Required: Low Trust


Name Description
url string
The URL to check against the browsing ACL.
notifyBlock (Optional) bool
Set to true if you want KioWare to do the normal notification and logging if the URL would be blocked.


True if the page would be blocked by the browsing ACL.


Normal notifications include the settings in the Restriction Messages menu of Browser ACL section in the KioWare Configuration Tool. For example, if "Disable "Navigation Blocked" page" is unchecked and notifyBlock is true, then KioWare will navigate to this page. In contrast to the browsing ACL in the Configuration Tool, the URL should begin with the protocal (typically http://) to avoid the domain name being blocked by the protocal ACL.


KioApp.IsUrlBlocked("", true);
	alert("The protocal www was blocked by the Protocal ACL");