bool SendWndToBack(int)

Sends the specified window to the bottom of the z-order


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


Name Description
hWnd int
The handle of the window to send to the back


True on success


IMPORTANT: While KioWare can be used to open 3rd party applications it cannot guarantee any security of your kiosk while these applications are in use.

When hiding a window it is necessary to ensure that the taskbar is not showing. This setting is found in the User Interface section of the Config Tool.


//This example can be run from a custom toolbar javascript button or CustomToolbarCode.js
var pid
var wnd = null

if(!pid) pid = KioUtils.Execute('notepad.exe')
var wnd = null
var DELAY = 1000 * 3;//3 seconds
while (!wnd) {
	wnd = KioUtils.GetProcMainWnd(pid)
	setTimeout(() => { if(KioUtils.IsWndVisible(wnd)) KioUtils.SendWndToBack(wnd); }, DELAY)


KioWare for Windows version 8.5 or greater.