KioApp Class

This class provides support for calling application-level functions in KioWare. Methods in this class can provide or alter application state, such as detecting whether a session is active, forcing a session to end or begin, and getting KioWare process information.

Most functions run synchronously, unless noted.


Type Signature
int GetLastUserActivityTime ()
Returns the number of milliseconds that represents a timestamp for when the last user activity such as mouse movement or keyboard input occurred.
string GetProperty (string)
Gets a KioWare property by name.
int64 GetProcessUptime ()
Gets the KioWare process uptime in system ticks.
int64 GetProcessUptimeMs ()
Gets the KioWare process uptime in milliseconds.
bool IsUrlBlocked (string, bool)
Checks the browsing ACL to determine if a URL would be blocked or not.
bool InjectJavaScript (string, string, bool, KioBrowserWndType, KioBrowserType)
Injects JavaScript into the selected browsers.
string GetToolbarSettings ()
Gets JSON encoded settings for the calling toolbar browser
bool IsSessionActive ()
Detects if there is a KioWare user session active
void BeginSession ()
Starts a KioWare user session, or extends the current session.
void EndSession ()
Ends the KioWare user session
void RestartKioware (bool)
Causes the KioWare process to exit and restart.
void StartKeyboard (string, string, string, bool, string, string)
Runs the configured virtual keyboard.
void CloseKeyboard (int)
Closes the virtual keyboard.
void IsKeyboardShowing ()
Detects if the virtual keyboard is showing or not.
void LogInfo (string)
Logs an informational log to the KW Platform event log
void LogWarn (string)
Logs a warning log to the KW Platform event log.
void LogErr (string)
Logs an error log to the KW Platform event log.
void LogDiag (string)
Logs a diagnostics log to the KW Platform event log.
string CreateAppLog (string, string)
Creates a KioWare app log entry.
string AddAppLogData (string, string, string)
Adds more data to an existing app log entry.
string DoUrlSubstitution (string, int)
Performs URL substitutions on the provided URL.
void Exit()
Exits KioWare without prompting
bool ExitPrompt()
Prompts for exit.
bool ExitActionHandler (string)
Executes the exit action handler identified by password
KioBrowserWndType GetKioBrowserWndType ()
Returns the KioWare window type of the calling browser
int SetDockedElementsVisible (string, string, string, string)
Controls the visibility of docked elements such as toolbars and docked browsers
bool StartScreenReader ()
Starts a configured screen reader, and returns true if successful
void StopScreenReader ()
Stops the screen reader
bool IsScreenReaderRunning ()
Indicates the running state of the screen reader

Related Types

Type Signature
Enum KioBrowserWndType
A list of browser window types in KioWare.
Enum KioBrowserType
A list of browser types in KioWare.