KioFileIo Class

KioFileIO allows users to read, write, and access information from the kiosk's file system.


Type Signature
string GetDirectoryList (string, bool, string, SortFlags)
Gets a list of files and directories at a specified location
string GetFileDetails (string)
Gets details of a file
string GetDirectoryDetails (string)
Gets details of a directory
bool CreateDirectory (bool)
Creates a directory at the given path
bool DeleteDirectory (string)
Deletes a directory
bool MoveDirectory (string, string)
Moves or renames a directory
bool CreateFile (string, bool)
Creates a file at the given file path
bool DeleteFile (string)
Deletes the file at the given file path
bool MoveFile (string, string)
Moves or renames a file
int[] ReadFileData (string, int64, int)
Reads bytes from a file from a specified starting point
string ReadFileDataBase64 (string, int64, int)
Reads bytes from a file as a base-64 encoded string
string ReadFileText (string, int, string, bool)
Reads characters from a file
void WriteFileData (string, int[], bool)
Write data to a file
void WriteFileText (string, string, bool, string)
Writes text to a file with the option to overwrite or append
void WriteFileDataBase64 (string, string, bool)
Writes binary data to a file
string GetSessionTempDir ()
Gets the KioWare temp directory for the current system user
string GenerateSessionTempFilepath (string)
Gets a unique filepath located in the KioWare temp directory