KioCurrencyAcceptor Object


Type Signature
void Enable(string deviceName = null)
Allows credits to be accepted.
void Disable(string deviceName = null)
Prevents credits from being accepted.
string GetCredits(string deviceName = null)
Gets current credits in escrow for deviceName.
void Stack(string deviceName = null)
Stacks (or accepts) the current credits in escrow.
void Reject(string deviceName = null)
Rejects the current credits in escrow (if possible with your device).
StackResult GetStackResult(string deviceName = null)
Gets the result of a stack operation for deviceName.

Page Callbacks

Type Signature
function(deviceName, eventType, eventData) OnKioCurrencyDevice
When the page needs to know about something, KioWare will attempt to call a OnKioCurrencyDevice function in every frame of every browser, specifying the type of event that occurred.