bool Payment (int, string)

Performs a PreAuth payment transaction for the requested amount and returns the result via the OnKioEMVTransactionCompleted callback. The transaction must then be confirmed.


Trust Level Required: Full Trust


Name Description
amount int
The amount of the transaction to run in cents, or whatever the minor currency unit is for your device/configuration.
deviceName (Optional) string
The name of the device. If not supplied, the first matching configured device of this type will be used.


True if the command was queued for processing, false otherwise.


This call begins a two-step PreAuth transaction. After successfully running a PreAuth transaction, the transaction must then be confirmed or voided. This transaction type is not supported by NETePay.


if (!KioEMVTransaction.Payment(425))
   alert('Failed to call Payment!');

var TransTypes = {
    None: 0,
    SetParameters: 1,
    Payment: 2,  // PreAuth
    Confirm: 3,  // PreAuth Capture
    Terminate: 4,
    VoidTrans: 5,
    Refund: 6,
    SetIdleMsg: 7,
    Sale: 8,
    VoidSale: 9,
    Reset: 10,
    RequestTMSUpdate: 11,

var ResultTypes = {
    Unknown = 0,
    Approved = 1,
    Declined = 2,
    Error = 3,
    Timeout = 4,
    Cancelled = 5,

// callback fired when operation processed
function OnKioEMVTransactionCompleted(result) {
   alert('Operation returned: ' + lastTransResult.Result);
   if (lastTransResult.Result == ResultTypes.Approved) {
      if ((lastTransResult.TransType == TransTypes.Payment) {


KioWare for Windows version 8.7 or greater.