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Voting Kiosk

KioWare Uses Voting Application for Chili Cook Off

Voting Kiosk

Electronic Voting Via KioWare 

Our recent 5th Annual KioWare Chili Cook Off offered thousands of calories of amazing culinary deliciousness.  Between breakfast chili, vegetarian lasagna chili, traditional chili, and turkey chili, there was something for everyone.  In addition to an amazing treat for our taste buds, we introduced electronic voting via tablet kiosk for the first time in KioWare Chili Cook Off history.  With an Android voting application built to collect votes, and locked down with KioWare for Android, the voting process was quick, easy, and accurate.  Voting criteria were set for various categories.  Email addresses were used to ensure no duplicate votes were captured and enabled users to change their votes even after they had been submitted. 

Categories included appearance and color, flavor, creativity, and taste.  “Best of” categories were also created, allowing voting for best name, best vegetarian, and best non-traditional chili.  While these were the KioWare Chili Cook off criteria, the new voting application software can be customized for your specific needs and preferences.

While our winner wasn’t surprising (winner, Christina Hamberger has dominated the event), voting was faster, easier, and more accurate (with decreased opportunity for human error).  Since it was designed for single device deployment, the data is held locally and does not aggregate with multiple devices.

How can you use the KioWare voting/survey application?  If you have the need for multiple kiosks, we will work with you to feed the data to a server (or website). 

Interested in using this application in conjunction with KioWare?  We’ll send the configuration file and the application.  Email [email protected] for more information.

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