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AudibleRX Kiosks for Consumer Medication Information

AudibleRX kiosks provide users with valuable access to consumer medication information.

AudibleRX Kiosks for Consumer Medication Information

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Audible RX on TabletConsumer Medical Information Kiosk

The goal of AudibleRx is to make consumer medication information accessible to all. AudibleRx provides consumer medication information by way of an online session using sound and text within the application. The application is particularly useful for those challenged with literacy and visual impairment. AudibleRx uses RCA tablet computers secured with KioWare Kiosk Software to create a secure, kiosk environment. These tablets are deployed in healthcare institutions, medical practices, academic institutions, and any organization committed to improving medication outcomes.

The AudibleRx Platform

Tablet kiosks secured to display the AudibleRx application are available for use in a variety of patient-accessible locations. The kiosks are web-based and allow users to access and navigate consumer medication information. With easy access to consumer medical information, medication errors can be reduced, medication outcomes improved, and regulatory compliance rules can be met. The AudibleRx platform also positively impacts clinical staff productivity, as the customer or patient can obtain medication information without staff assistance via the self-service kiosk.

Technical Details and Project Specifications

In this tablet kiosk deployment, AudibleRx uses RCA tablet computers running a Windows 10 operating system. An XAMPP local hosting system has been implemented to function as a URL redirection if internet connectivity is not available or is unresponsive.

The AudibleRx tablet kiosks and purposed devices run KioWare Lite for Windows to secure the Windows operating system for public access. The tablet kiosks will be deployed in over 100 healthcare deployments including healthcare institutions, medical practices, academic institutions, and more. These tablets are both secured in stationary kiosks and as portable, mobile, purposed devices.

KioWare for Windows creates a secure kiosk environment, protecting user privacy and keeping the AudibleRx application running smoothly for the end user. The KioWare Lite for Windows configuration tool blocks access to the Windows toolbar, adds a custom toolbar, and monitors battery life. 

Using the kiosk, visitors can look up their medication and opt to read – or listen to – the information available on that medication.

Audible RX LogoAbout AudibleRx

AudibleRx is the new Consumer Medication Information (CMI) content system designed to meet specific health literacy guidelines. It provides useful and accessible CMI that is presented in an audible, as well as printed, format through an easy to access and understandable web-based platform. The CMI meets FDA 2006 Guidance, ASHP guidelines, and is ADA and HIPPA compliant. It is tailored to the learning needs of your patients, whether it be bedside teaching, discharge education or follow-up learning at home. After a patient listens to a CMI session from AudibleRx, they will have an improved understanding of their medications and be in a better position to take educated questions back to their healthcare provider. 

Benefits of improved medication literacy include increased patient satisfaction, reduced costs and improved quality outcomes.

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About KioWare

KioWare provides secure, easy to use, kiosk system software and develops custom kiosk applications for Windows & Android devices. KioWare kiosk software wraps around existing browser-based applications, securing the OS and browser, and allowing users to access only your application. KioWare is fully customizable with a product line ranging from basic browser lockdown to server based kiosk management with remote monitoring.

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