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Creating an Android Kiosk Launcher

How to create an Android launcher using KioWare for Android kiosk app.

Creating an Android Kiosk Launcher


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Android Launcher Screen Shot

What is an Android launcher?

A launcher for Android is basically a start page with an application or applications to select from. This enables users to create a kiosk environment that runs only allowed applications. With the use of the KioWare for Android kiosk app, and the XML file found here, you can emulate an Android launcher on your kiosk.

Launcher App

Below is a sample Android Launcher to use as a starting point for an Android kiosk. 

Users would simply need to do the following.

1. Enable Automatic XML importing in the "General tab" of the config tool.

2. Set the XML location to

3. Launch KioWare

The kiosk will then be configured as seen in the screenshot to the left. 


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