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Using Kiosk Security Mats


Kiosk Europe has published our latest KioWare article. It focuses on the added security and benefits from kiosk mats.

Here is an excerpt:

“One of our biggest attention grabbers at tradeshows is a kiosk with an attached security mat. We get a lot of “This isn’t going to weigh me, is it?” jokes, but attendees are genuinely intrigued by what will happen when they step on the security mat.

When a brave soul does step onto the mat, the kiosk recognizes a user is there and the start page pops up. The user can then safely navigate throughout the application, knowing that the security mat will identify when they walk away from the kiosk…”

Want more info on Larco, the kiosk security mat provider mentioned in the article? Check out Larco’s kiosk security page. Larco’s security mats are fully configurable with our KioWare Kiosk Basic software. Download a free trial here.

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