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Latest KioWare News

New Version of KioWare and KioWare Server


Version 5.0.2 has been released. The new version of KioWare includes:
  • An improved Configuration Tool that makes it very easy to read/write XML configuration files.
  • Addition of page level filtering to the existing domain level filtering thus enabling defined pages for a given domain to be allowed or disallowed for viewing
  • Ability to prevent files that the browser doesn't recognize from being downloaded to the PC.
  • Ability to display an Address bar so that the user can navigate to any URL
  • Ability to delete user cookies and IE cache upon session reset
  • New and improved phone dialing features including support for embedded HTML dialing tags and customized phone progress dialog messages.
  • Support for a second monitor - a perfect feature for digital signage applications.
  • Remote monitoring - so that you can easily determine whether a kiosk is healthy or sick. It performs this by sending regular heartbeat messages to KioWare Server that includes approximately 30 system parameters, sending urgent messages such as when a printer is low on paper, and also sending application event log entries
  • KioWare Server has been completely revamped with a brand new user interface that makes it much easier to scale from small to large kiosk projects and also includes remote monitoring support.
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