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Electronically Licensing KioWare


Once you have purchased your KioWare licenses, you will want to license your kiosks.  In order to do so, you can follow the instructions in the licensing videos below.  First, you will need to find your electronic licensing information.  It will be necessary to have this information on hand to license your kiosks and/or to request a license reset.  

Find Your Licensing Information

Video: Find your licensing Information

License Your Product

Using your licensing information, you can license KioWare for Android, KioWare for Windows, or KioWare Classic for Windows.  Follow the instructions in the videos for a simple how to on electronic licensing. 

Kiosk Software License Troubleshooting

In addition to licensing information, you can troubleshoot any licensing issues you encounter via this instructional video:

Resolve Electronic Licensing Issues

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