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We've released KioWare for Windows version 8.5!


KioWare Releases New Version of KioWare for Windows, Kiosk Software for the Chrome Browser

Version 8.5 of KioWare for Windows is now available. The latest release of KioWare for Windows adds support for RFID Scanners, Flatbed Scanners, Watchport Devices, and System Battery Monitors, in addition to other improvements and fixes.

Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new version of their KioWare for Windows kiosk software, running on the Chromium Browser Engine. KioWare kiosk software products lock down your device into kiosk mode, which secures the overall operating system, home screen and usage of applications.

Version 8.5 of KioWare for Windows (Lite, Basic, & Full with Server) now supports Chrome 49.  The latest version adds support for switching between virtual keyboard languages. 

There is also a new User Interface for File Upload Controls and choosing a file download destination. This provides kiosk deployers with the ability to manage file uploads and downloads without opening the entire file system to kiosk users. 

Version 8.5 of KioWare Basic for Windows and KioWare Full for Windows also adds device support for a number of oft requested devices.  RFIDeas RFID Scanners are now supported for reading RFID tags. Support for Flatbed Scanners has also been added.  Monitored devices such as the Watchport/H and Watchport/T (for Humidity & Temperature monitoring) are also now supported.  System Battery Monitoring is also now available. For a full device list, visit our supported devices tool.

Current support is required in order to update.

View a full description of features added for this and other version of the KioWare product line. All of these products are available as a free trial with nag screen. Existing clients have the ability to upgrade.

TLDR: Watch the video.

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