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Reckless Kiosk Project for Carden Park


Reckless Media LogoReckless are a creative digital agency, specialising in enhancing customer engagement and loyalty for their clients brands and customers. To implement this customer engagement strategy Reckless installed the KioWare Kiosk Software.

Gathering Customer Data Via Tablet Kiosks

As part of an engagement and loyalty scheme to increase the number of returning customers, Reckless set up a range of tablets at different locations around the Carden Park Estate. The idea behind the scheme was to dig deeper into why each customer was visiting the estate, which would allow Reckless to understand the individual and personal of needs each different guest. This approach enabled Reckless to develop a personalised remarketing scheme for each visitor from the data collected on the tablets.

Carden Park Logo

Collecting Visitor Details via Tablets

The idea was to collect as many visitor details as possible via the tablets. The tablets offered the individual the chance to get a free coffee or other free goodies depending on the location, by simply giving a few simple details such as their email address and why they were visiting the resort. These small details were very valuable for increasing customer loyalty for Carden Park to create a personalised remarketing scheme that targeted the correct clients with the most appropriate and beneficial offers. For instance, someone visiting the estate to use the spa would benefit from 10% off all spa treatments, whereas, an individual at the estate for a conference would be less likely to interested in an offer of this kind.

Increasing Visitor Traffic Through Kiosk Use

The scheme has received brilliant feedback so far from the client and employees of the estate, with just over 300 offer redemptions made and over 700 individuals recording their details in the tablets since March 2015. Reckless are currently working with Carden Park to personalise the tablets further by creating location specific offers on each tablet, to increase incoming traffic and data at each position.

Case study Tablet Kiosk

KioWare Kiosk Software allowed Reckless to develop the tablets to function for the sole use of the engagement and loyalty scheme through data capture. The software was an essential part of the project as it enabled Reckless to leave the tablets unattended around many locations in the estate whilst ensuring security, and therefore maximize the amount of data capture. The Reckless team agrees they would highly recommend KioWare Kiosk Software due to its ease in installment and its effective and robust use throughout the scheme so far.

About Reckless
Read the full case study from Reckless.  
Reckless are a full service Digital Agency based in the Northwest of England. The company has been creating websites and developing customer engagement and loyalty strategies for just over 8 years now. The agency has a user-focused strategy through out its work, and focuses on creating strong and lasting relationship between clients and customers. If you’re interested in learning more about Reckless and want to see what they are getting up to take a look at they’re website or follow them on twitter.
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