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RBTE "From Site to Store" presentation resources.


KioWare's Laura Boniello Miller presented at the Retail Business Technology Expo in Olympia London on March 10th and 11th. The presentation highlights how to utilize Omnichannel Content Marketing collateral and adjust to the evolving shopping behavior of purchasers by implementing in store customer facing solutions (self service kiosks, tablets etc).

self service retail solutions


The presentation (above) includes a section about retail kiosk examples.  Below are resources you can download, read, and implement as an extension of the presentation.    

Article: Retail kiosks & examples of how tablets can be used to facilitate the consumer shopping experience.

How to: Create an Android Video Kiosk.

Instructions: Options for Remote & Scalable Kiosk Deployment.

Questionnaire: Questions to ask before seeking a Custom Development Quote.

Graphic: Budget considerations (Measuring Kiosk ROI). 


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