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The PhreesiaPad is a sleek, cutting-edge wireless WebPad, developed to enhance the patient experience in waiting rooms of doctor offices. The PhreesiaPad replaces the traditional clipboard and pen by interviewing, while educating the patient with the latest medical news pertaining to their concerns. Data is then transferred to the doctor before the patient ever steps foot into the exam room, preparing the doctor and reducing the amount of unnecessary questions. By preparing the doctor and educating the patient, Phreesia provides an improved doctor-patient experience.

Phreesia is sponsorship-based business, which is provided free to doctor offices. Phreesia uses KioWare Kiosk Software with server to secure the PhreesiaPad, and also to track usage statistics. The statistics are then provided to sponsors, allowing sponsors to target advertisements on the PhreesiaPad, thus allowing Phreesia to offer the service for free.

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