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KioWare Classic for Windows Update


WIndows kiosk software for Internet ExplorerKioWare has released Version 7.5.0 of KioWare Classic Lite, KioWare Classic Basic, and KioWare Classic Full with kiosk management. These products lock down the Windows operating system and desktop. 

Version 7.5.0 of KioWare Classic Lite, KioWare Classic Basic and KioWare Classic Full provides customers  with new options for tabbed browsing.  Tabbed browsing features allow for opening new browser tabs instead of new browser windows within your kiosk deployment.

KioWare Classic Basic & Full includes all of the new features of KioWare Classic Lite with the addition of support for Chip DNA 1.14.  This simplifies the use of EMV chip cards with a high level of transaction security and makes rapid deployment much more viable.  Support for Chip DNA makes it easy to integrate all Chip DNA devices for kiosk/POS payment, and most of those devices are pre-certified.  Some of the devices currently available include Verifone, MagTek, MEI, ViVOpay, and Ingenico payment solutions. 

For those looking at kiosk software for the first time, KioWare offers KioWare Classic for Windows (running on an IE browser) and KioWare for Windows (supporting the Chrome™ browser).  You can learn the differences between Lite, Basic, and Full, here.  Compatible with Windows tablets and desktops, KioWare is also available for Android devices

Existing clients have the ability to upgrade.


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