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KioWare Adds Support for Battery Management


The latest version of KioWare for Android kiosk system software now offers support for battery management via the ArmorActive Optica™ product line.

KioWare® kiosk software products lock down your device into kiosk mode, which secures the overall operating system, home screen, and usage of applications.

Version 3.15 of KioWare for Android (Lite, Basic, & Full with Kiosk Management) has added a new battery management feature that works exclusively with the ArmorActive Optica Pro LED™ tablet enclosures and Samsung tablets. This enables an optimized charging algorithm to extend battery life. In order to utilize this feature, the KioWare Device Support App (available in the Google Play Store) is required. 

How Battery Management Works
Using the ArmorActive Optica Pro LED™ Enclosure and the KioWare for Android kiosk app, Android kiosks can be set to charge when the device battery hits a preset minimum and maximum charge, keeping the battery level between the predetermined low and high values.

Lithium-based batteries (like those in the Samsung tablets housed by the ArmorActive Optica enclosure) are better served by receiving only a partial charge (as opposed to charging to 100%) and when not fully discharged (also known as a deep discharge, going to 0%). According to Battery University (, lithium-based batteries will last longer if you perform more frequent, shallow charges.

"Battery health management is an ongoing and very real end-use customer concern that needed to be addressed,” said David Everson, Director of Global Marketing at MTI/ArmorActive. “Our strategic partnership with KioWare Kiosk System Software creates a perfect eco-system that provides battery management for 24/7 powered conference room scheduling applications. The ArmorActive Optica Pro LED™ is the ideal conference room hardware solution creating a glowing rim around the acrylic enclosure to catch the attention of the viewer or communicate a message.”  

Tablet battery optimization
When used to minimize full discharge and full charge battery cycling, the battery management feature added to KioWare for Android can extend battery life by keeping battery levels within the safe or optimized range. This will minimize over-changing (keeping it charged at a high percentage) and ensure it does not fully discharge (0%) and stay discharged for an extended period of time.

Kiosks set to be active 24 hours a day tend to be left plugged in continuously at full charge, limiting battery life. With this new feature, kiosk batteries will be extended, saving kiosk deployers both money and time.

About ArmorActive
ArmorActive, a division of Mobile Technologies Inc. (MTI), specializes in multi-purpose hardware solutions that allow tablet deployments for business. ArmorActive manufactures equipment that increases the security, accessibility, mobility, and engagement level of tablets for every major business application. For more information please visit:

About KioWare® :
KioWare kiosk software secures your application or website on Windows or Android devices, restricting user access to approved behaviors and protecting user and network data.  KioWare is fully customizable and offers solutions ranging from browser lockdown to full server-based kiosk management.  From simple out of the box configurations to more complex integrations, KioWare is trusted by developers, IT professionals, marketers, Fortune 100 corporations, and small business owners. The KioWare team is based in York, Pennsylvania, USA, with an office located in Reading, UK.  Choose the best KioWare product for your self-service project and download a fully functioning free trial at

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