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KioTouch™, a revolutionary, touchless interface solution for self-service kiosks, is now available for download. KioTouch is KioWare Kiosk System Software’s actionable response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and will prevent the spread of potentially harmful microbes and pathogens between end-users.

Empowering Users with Touchless Control

KioTouch allows the end-user to control a self-service kiosk using their own personal mobile device. The user scans a QR code, generated on the screen of the kiosk, which then opens a trackpad-style mouse interface on their device that can be used to send commands to the kiosk. Scrolling, swiping, and clicking gestures allow the user to interact with the kiosk as they normally would, but do not require the user to physically touch it. KioTouch also allows users to input specific information into custom fields using the keyboard on their mobile device, safely and securely.

Mobile device to interacting with kiosk

Works On Any Kiosk

KioTouch works on any kiosk and does not require KioWare to be installed to run, nor does it require the user to install any apps or software on their device. This gives you flexibility when implementing this health and safety software into your kiosk network without requiring you to complete a total overhaul of the system software you currently have installed and keeps the experience totally convenient for the user!

Upsell & Marketing Opportunities Maximized

The kiosk deployer has the ability to capture more conversions and potential customers by implementing session-end content that will be displayed on the user's mobile device after their session is over. The deployer can load in a simple "thank you" message as well as surveys, newsletter sign-ups, coupons, app downloads, and more!

WATCH: A KioTouch Demo

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