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KioWare Kiosk Management

KioWare Kiosk Management

Kiosk and Mobile Device Management from KioWare allows you to remotely manage your device health, content, usage statistics, and more without leaving your office.

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Kiosk Management consists of two components:

1. Client side kiosk software:

KioWare Full for Windows and KioWare Full for Android runs locally on the device for security and lockdown.

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2. Browser based server console:

KioWare Server or KioCloud are used to manage the secured devices.

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Kiosk Management Pricing

Using the radio buttons below, select a client, a management option, and enter your quantity before selecting the “VIEW PRICING” button.
A total cost will be displayed, along with the volume pricing breakdown and a per-license cost.

1. Select a Client

2. Select Management

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Kiosk Management Features

Store Custom Data

The addition of ad hoc data structures is useful for storing custom data about each kiosk (e.g. hardware, location, contact info), which can be imported from a spreadsheet.

Remote Monitoring

In many kiosk deployments, it is important to know whether individual kiosks are running and their current health.

API for 3rd Party Add-ons

Our API feature enables the addition of 3rd party Add-ons. The Add-ons are used to extend KioWare Server functionality, meaning if the feature does not currently exist , anyone can develop the feature to be compatible with KioWare Server. Add-ons can also be used to more tightly integrate the KioWare Server functionality with kiosk application functionality. For example, a survey application could integrate the survey management and the KioWare Server kiosk management functionality into a single user interface. The integration into a common interface would allow for easier management for the kiosk project as a whole. ... Read More

Remote Content Updating

For stand-alone applications that store content locally, KioWare has the ability to manage the remote updating of that content. KioWare Server is a program that resides on a centralized server and manages project content using revision control. The kiosks will contact KioWare Server on a daily basis, and when there is new content they will automatically download the new release. ... Read More

Flexible User Accounts

It is very easy to create users that have full or limited access, controlling what your kiosk administrators can access and/or change. Completely flexible user accounts, roles, and permissions control user abilities at a functional level. ... Read More

Remote Configuration

The power of KioWare to "kiosk-ize" a web application is due to its extensive configuration capabilities. KioWare can be configured to try and download a file from a central location every time it starts up. The file contains configuration entries. If KioWare finds the file, it downloads and installs it, instantly reconfiguring itself. This is a very useful feature for making configuration changes to large deployments. ... Read More

Server Side Kiosk Management

Manage, maintain, and monitor multiple kiosks from a central server. Through the Server console, kiosk errors can be received, reports can be generated, and kiosk, content, and projects can be organized. ... Read More

Citrix Terminal Support

KioWare fully supports operation in a Citrix/Terminal Server thin client environment. One very useful feature is the ability for individual clients to run different configurations of KioWare. For example, half of the clients could run an HR application that requires a proximity switch security device, and the other half could run a retail application. ... Read More

Ad Hoc Grouping of Kiosks

This feature enables ad hoc grouping, meaning kiosk projects can be sorted into groups beyond the project level. Groups can contain other groups, projects or individual kiosks. For instance, a company may have its kiosk projects organized by territories for easy categorization. With ad hoc grouping, a company can also sort those same projects by an unlimited number of groups, such as high-performing versus low-performing stores or urban versus suburban stores, and then push out different content based on those groups. This way, the company can easily display a different promotion to urban stores than suburban stores. The addition of ad hoc data structures is useful for storing custom data about each kiosk (e.g. hardware, location, contact info), which can be imported from a spreadsheet. ... Read More

KioWare Lockdown Products

KioWare Full for Android

KioWare Full
for Android

Android tablets can be secured with KioWare Kiosk Software built for locking down Android. KioWare Full for Android secures your device into a purposed device or kiosk and can be managed through KioWare Kiosk Management’s EMM/MDM solutions, KioCloud and/or KioWare Server.

KioWare Full for Window

KioWare Full
for Windows

Secure and manage your Windows devices with KioWare Full for Windows, running a Chromium-based browser. KioWare Full for Windows offers all of the lockdown security of KioWare Lite for Windows and KioWare Basic for Windows, adding the control and management functionality of KioWare Kiosk Management.

KioWare Full is the client side kiosk lockdown software that lives on a kiosk, PC, or tablet to provide a secured and restricted end user experience. Using KioWare Full, users can set a custom start page, attract screen, and toolbars, also restrict applications, block domains, and clear end user data. Kiosks running KioWare Full can then be monitored, managed, and updated using KioWare’s robust Kiosk Management tools.

Kiosk Management Licensing Options

Yellow Gradient Background KioWare Server

KioWare Server

A self-hosted management solution installed within your network environment, configured in conjunction with a SQL Server or MySQL database. Available via a perpetual license.

  • Self hosted
  • One-time purchase
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Yellow Gradient Background KioCloud


We manage the technical kiosk server hosting for you, allowing you to focus on managing your kiosks, not your kiosk server. An annual subscription is required. Supports one device per subscription.

  • KioWare hosted
  • Annual subscription

Kiosk Management Pricing

1. Select a Client

2. Select Management

3. Quantity

Our latest product news

KioWare Server Version 5.4 is Now Available.


Kiosk Management Resource Center

System Requirements

Be sure that the following components are installed:

Version History

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v 5.4


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Kiosk License Status

Usage Stats Data

KioWare Server Console Support

Password Resets

Support for KioWare OS

Linux Compatibility

Various Bug Fixes

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