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Device Manufacturer Category API Type Supported by
CI Series Glory Bill Recycler KioWare Input/Output
AudioNav Keypad Storm Interface Accessibility KioWare Input/Output
ArmorActive Optica Pro LEDâ„¢ Enclosure ArmorActive Battery Mgmt KioWare Input
All SIP supported devices Standard Interfaces SIP KioWare Input/Output
USB-ProxSonar-EZ Proximity Sensor MaxBotix Motion Sensor KioWare Input
Watchport Humidity-Temp Sensor Digi Environment Sensor KioWare Input
DLP-TH1b Temp-Humidity Sensor DLP Design Environment Sensor KioWare Input
Identiv Multi-ISO AMID2US00 Identiv RFID Reader Writer KioWare Input
Hengstler CP-56 receipt printer Hengstler Printer - Receipt KioWare Output
PAC Drive Output Controller Ultimarc Output Controller KioWare Output
Stimare Thermal Printers Stimare Printer - Receipt KioWare Output
CCTalk Coin-Bill Interface Standard Interfaces Bill/Coin I/O KioWare Input/Output
Telequip-Crane Coin Dispenser Telequip-Crane Card Dispenser KioWare Input
Practical Automation Wide Format Printer Practical Automation Printer - Other KioWare Output
Omron Multi-sensor 2JCIE-BU01 Omron Environment Sensor KioWare Input
Innova CUTE I/O Controller Board Innova I/O KioWare Input/Output
Omron HVC-P2 Omron Facial Scanner KioWare Input
Tanvas Haptic Touch Tanvas Other KioWare Input
OCR316-E Passport Reader HID Global ID Reader KioWare Input
ATOM Passport Reader HID Global ID Reader KioWare Input
Vuquest 3320g Honeywell Barcode Reader KioWare Input
Numato GPIO Numato GPIO KioWare Input/Output
Nippon Primex NP-3511 Nippon Primex Printer - Receipt KioWare Output
Excella Magtek Check Reader KioWare Input
CR1100 Code Corporation Barcode Reader KioWare Input
TWN 4 Eletec RFID Reader Writer KioWare Input
µFR Nano Digital Logic Ltd. RFID Reader Writer KioWare Input
J60 UPS Xtreme Power UPS KioWare Output
Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader HID Global Fingerprint Scanner KioWare Input
M260 HID Global Mag Stripe Reader KioWare Input
M500 HID Global Barcode Reader KioWare Input
SCT3Q8-3H1330 Nidec Corporation Card Dispenser KioWare Output
Spectra NV4000 Innovative Technology Bill Recycler KioWare Input/Output
Ingenico Terminals Ingenico EMV Chip And Pin KioWare Input
IDTech Terminals IDTech EMV Chip And Pin KioWare Input
Verifone Terminals VeriFone EMV Chip And Pin KioWare Input
BBPOS Terminals BBPOS EMV Chip And Pin KioWare Input
ImageSafe Magtek Check Reader KioWare Input
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